An Ode to Victoria Road

Farewell Victoria Road
To the rush hour humdrum and midnight caterwauling
The asylum absentees and their sozzled street brawling
To the pot smoking Poles and Elvis the Wig
Angry Ed Sheeran and our Postman Stig
To the wannabe wardens of Victoria Park
The student stop-outs heading home with the lark
To the bookmakers and offy, eternally open
The Carpenters Arms, now eternally broken
To the hostel boys and their fine life of leisure
The twilight Sinatras when they’ve drunk up their measure
To Bacchanalia days and the Portland nights
The sound of sirens and the blue flashing lights
We’re leaving you now as we head for new pastures
So thanks and farewell, you bunch of mad bastards.


One thought on “An Ode to Victoria Road

  1. Used to live at 51c in the 1980s, just opposite what was then an off-licence (last time I looked it was a bespoke kitchen manufacturer – blueerggh!). Blissful years!

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